Dr.Nidhi Bhan Bhardwaj Astrologer Toronto Ontario

Dr.Nidhi Bhan Bhardwaj is an Indian Astrologer, Reiki Teacher and Master Healer in Toronto, Ontario Specialising in Services Such as Psychic Readings, Tarot Reading, Aura Cleansing and Aura Protection. We Also Provide Other Services Such as Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Psychic Protection, Horoscope, Hypnotherapy, Vastu Shastra. Dr Nidhi Bhan Can Speak Hindi and Punjabi Languages. Call us now to Make an Appointment With The Most Famous Indian Lady Astrologer in Toronto.

Contact Details and Location

  • Address: 232 Barhill Road, Maple, Toronto,  L6A1L2
  • Telephone: 905-237-5555
  • Website: www.drnidhibhan.com

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7 Responses to “Dr.Nidhi Bhan Bhardwaj Astrologer Toronto Ontario”

  1. gunjan khatkar Says:

    need a help from you.want to know about when come money on my life.

  2. bhavna Says:

    should i change my house if not now when?

  3. Avneesh Singh Says:

    I am trying for teaching job in Brampton, when will I be selected for this job.

  4. pal Says:

    I have question if boy is manglik what is the remedy or puja to get rid of manglik problem. how many puja’s you have to do for manglik boy and how much it costs.

  5. Rinki Says:

    Hello ma’am, I m like bing in South America but now we want to move in India and we r confused if it is right decision or not.and another thing is I m not feeling well all the time I m getting panic attack what should I have to do get rid of these problems. Thanks.

  6. jeena Says:

    I have lots of problem going on with family and financial. My business all of sudden went down and we are back up with debits. Need to reach you

  7. gaurav Says:

    born january 12,1986 @9.28am delhi,india
    I have lots of problams going on with family and financial,carrier, my marridge didn’t workout filles divorce
    please help me out

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