DPLS LLP Mississauga, Ontario – Law Firm

DPLS LLP Mississauga, Ontario – Law Firm

DPLS LLP is a multi-faceted law firm dedicated to serving our clients in a professional and friendly environment. Whether it be through the pursuit of spirited litigation, meaningful negotiation, or superior drafting, our team of qualified lawyers can be trusted to always cater an approach that is unique and specific to each and every one of our client’s needs.

Located just minutes from the Brampton courthouse, we provide experienced and competent legal services in the following areas:

Civil Litigation, including issuing statements of claim, defending against claims, mediation and arbitration, discovery and depositions, and trials.

Criminal Law, including provincial and federal offenses, plea bargains, bail hearings, sentencing, and all related matters.

Family Law, including divorce and equalization of property; custody and access; child and spousal support; family violence and restraining orders; and Family Responsibility Office matters.

Child Protection, including cases in which the Children’s Aid Society is supervising the care of a child and where they have removed a child from the home.

Our Indian Staff Can Speak Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujarai and English Languages.

We accept Legal Aid Certificates.

Contact Details

  • Email: info@dplslaw.com
  • Fax: 905-564-2888
  • Telephone Number: 905-564-6899
  • Address: 125 Topflight Drive (2nd Floor), Mississauga, Ontario
  • Website: www.dplslaw.com

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