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My name is Abhishek Ghosh. I have over 12 plus years of research and teaching experience in Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Chemistry. My students range from High School to Graduate students and sometimes include Medical Doctors as well. I have teaching experience in Canadian classrooms as well as in many South Asian Countries like India. In the recent years, I am mostly teaching the advanced students of Biology on a one-on-one basis. I like to listen to my students and try to provide them with a strategy to rediscover Biology using non-traditional teaching methods. I don't believe in cutting corners.


I did a PhD from University of Calgary and a Postdoc from McGill. My PhD thesis focussed on Developmental Biology but later my postdoc project was on Oncology.

I have reviewed many top tier scientific journals (e.g. PLoS Genetics, Nature Communications etc.). Over years I found that most Scientists/Professionals/Students struggle when it comes to public speaking or scientific writing. Realistically, scientists are not always the greatest speakers or writers. Moreover, most grad schools do not provide this training but only provides some generic handouts – which becomes useless in the long run.

I was very fortunate to receive this training during my PhD and decided to share this knowledge with others. You can discover my real existence in the photo archives of my lab webpage at the link below:


1. Concepts of Biochemistry (Carbohydrates, Protein) 2. Metabolism 3. Molecular Biology (DNA, RNA, Enzymes, Transcription, Translation) 4. Chemical basis of popular Biology techniques (Western Blots, RT-PCR, FACS, etc.) 5. Providing generous feedback on Essays, Research Grants and Proposals and notes 6. Practice Exams (based on topics provided by Students)

I also teach methods of Scientific Writing to professionals.

My mode of communication is ENGLISH and I charge a consultation fee on a per hour basis . Due to the pandemic era, I only accept email transfers prior to my virtual sessions on ZOOM (non-negotiable).

I can be reached at (I ONLY respond to serious and professional enquiries. In the email, please state your full name, specific requirements, and level of education.)

Thank you.

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