Chaudhry Brothers Inc Montreal, Quebec

Chaudhry Brothers Inc Montreal, Quebec

Chaudhry Brothers Inc is a well known Indian Convenience Store in Montreal, Quebec suitable for shopping of Indian, Islander and Fijian Groceries, Seasonings, Ready To Eat Items, Pulses, Desi Atta and Garlic & Ginger Paste.

We also stock Chapati Wraps, Canned Karela, Karela Fruit Juice, Methi Rots, Chapatis and Breads, Henna Powder, Pappadum, Wholemeal Chapatis, Val Beans and Red Lentils.

Buy Indian brand items such as MDH Masalas, Elephant Atta, Haldirams Snacks, Lril, Himani, Nazirs and Bhaji Man.

Buy ready to eat savoury snacks such as Haldirams Punjabi Tadka, Daria Mahabhelswar (Roasted Black Gram) (By Top-Op), Seth’s Khakhra Rich Methi (Fenugreek), Haldirams Bombay Chana, Top Op Gur Rewdi, Haldirams Nut Cracker and Haldirams Alooo Bhujia.

We stock rice varieties such as Idly Rice, Long Grain Rice, Sona Masoori Rice, Brown Round Rice and Thai Jasmine Rice.

Different types or flour: Gram Flour, Besan Flour and Ondhwa Flour.

Contact Details

  • Address: 12024 Rue Lachapelle Montreal, Quebec H4J 2M4
  • Telephone: 514-332-8787

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