Indian Reiki Healing Services in Canada



Indian Reiki Healing Services in Canada

Reiki and Holistic Healing ( Soul Healing)GTA, Canada
P: +1 647 300 5XXX
I am Tejas Vyas I have done Masters in psychology I have 2nd level Reiki certificate Benefits you can experience with Reiki: 1. Release Tension and Stress 2. Create of Calm and Peace 3. Improve Sleep 4. Reduce in side effects of Chemotherapy and other medication 5. Improvement in stress related illn...View Details

REIKI - GRAPHOLOGYBrampton, ON, Canada
P: 289 505 6XXX
REIKI Master Meena Shah I am professionally practicing reiki. Teaching and healing for last 28 years. Get physical,mental,emotional healing n feel the positivity of life. Handwriting n Signature Analyses Learn about you in graphology. Get your handwriting n signature analysis done to remove hurdles ...View Details

Reiki Healing. Tarot and Intuitive Services.Calgary, AB, Canada
P: 587 225 0XXX
I offer many spiritual professional services to Calgary. Services: Certified reiki Master for healing and teaching of Usui Royoho Reiki, Karuna Ki Reiki (IHR) and Order of the Golden Dragon High Priestess (healing: adults, children and animals - outbound hospital visits and nursing homes - can be po...View Details

Back from India Now in Toronto Divine Healing, Energy, and Channeling This is not astrology or a quick fix scheme. We would run away from anyone promising a quick fix. GOD means Guru On Duty Sun is a disciple of Mahashiv Guruji Maharaj. She was bedridden when He manifested Himself in 2003 and eventu...View Details

Convergence Reiki with Namaste Art Energy Massage1632 57 St SW, Edmonton, AB T6X 0P6, Canada
P: 780 263 1XXX
This session with Electric Angel is a healing energy hands on massage experience. It is relaxing and beautiful and you will feel ultimate sensory awakening and enlightenment. There is much love and nurturing of all chakras and the mind, spirit, and soul. I control and move the energy and i concentra...View Details