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Individual Lessons$40 tax included

When it comes to getting a driving license in Canada, the CDA offers its clients full services to meet with all kind of licensing and permitting requirements.

At this professional driving school, we offer our students the following programs, all these programs are designed carefully by some driver training experts.

With the established record of success, all these programs have assisted existing and new drivers of every age to improve their driving skills and knowledge. 

All the driving instructs of this professional driving school are graduates on driver instructor program or driving instruction program from the renowned colleges approved by the MTO or the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. Each of the instructors has several years of expertise. The in car lessons which are performed in the car of any instructor, includes:

  • Driving academy sign on roof
  • Dual mirrors
  • Twin brake pedals
  • Fully insured and safety certified

CDA offers a driver education program of 40 hours which prepares the new drivers for Level 1 exist test to get G2 license under “Graduated Licensing System”. This driver academy services include:

  • 20 hours of theory and classroom instruction
  • Minimum 10 hours of private instruction of in car driving
  • Extensible homelink activities of 10 hours duration
  • One on one training
  • Vehicle rental of G1 exit road test
  • Early booking of road test
  • Availability of easy payment plan

Driving Tips:

These are some basic rules of driving which one must follow to ensure a safe driving. A recent study has proved that 50% of the driving accidents in Canada happen due to driving and drinking together.

Besides, checking the blind spot while turning or changing the lane is essential to ensure the safety.

Make it sure that the car should not go right left at the time of checking the blind spot. Follow all the traffic rules and enjoy a happy and safe journey.


Canadian Driving Academy Inc. is one of the country’s finest driving schools. We have our branches in different cities of Canada so as to provide more students with the best driving lessons.

Our driving schools are located in Waterloo, Cambridge and Kitchener.

We offer high quality driver training for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced drivers in Canada.

Our website contains all the information about the driving schools and the lessons that are offered by us. 

At Canadian Driving Academy we are dedicated towards our students and we accept drivers from everywhere. The training taken by the students include comprehensive theoretical and practical trainings.

After the training is done, we ensure that each and every students of Canadian Driving Academy have the right skill and attitude to become a defensive and safe driver in the near future. We at Canadian Diving Academy Inc. provide driving lessons that are approved by the Canadian Ministry.

The instructors who work with us are thoroughly professional and are equipped with all kinds of safety measures. 

Thus we can proudly state that we are the best driving school Canada has ever seen.

We have instructors who are very patient with their students and they are thoroughly professional in teaching the students how to drive and how to make safe driving habits.

The instructors will help every student prepare for a safe and confident driving for the rest of their lives. We make responsible and defensive drivers.

Our driving school in Waterloo is currently offering driving lessons to people from Waterloo and its surrounding areas. The information and brochure is available in our website. 

At Canadian Driving Academy we offer training vehicles that have automatic transmissions, the best driving instructors in Canada. The facilities offered are:

  • Flexible hours for learning
  • Private car lessons
  • Professional instructors with great knowledge
  • M.T.O Approved Driver Education Course
  • Member of the Driving School Association of Ontario
  • Cars for Driving Test
  • After successfully completion of the BDE Graduate course with a Driver Licence History may eligible for the insurance discount.

Our driving school offer the same packages and driving training for the students.

The courses are designed in such a way that it can facilitate an individual driver as well as professional heavy duty vehicles too.

However, there are different packages for professional and individual drivers and the tests include both written and practical exams.

At Canadian Driving Academy Inc.

we offer the best driving training in the country and we provide comprehensive trainings with the packages designed to suit all.

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