Brampton Crematorium & Visitation Centre

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30 Bramwin Court BRAMPTON, ON L6T 5G2
P: 905-458-2222
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Burial or Graveside Services

  • What is a Funeral?
  • Our Burial Services
  • How to Plan a Burial Service
  • Traditional Funeral Services
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Cremation Services

  • What is Cremation?
  • Our Cremation Options
  • Why Choose Cremation
  • The Cremation Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Memorial Services

  • What is a Memorial Service?
  • Why a Memorial Service?
  • Celebrations-of-Life
  • Funerals vs. Celebrations of Life
  • Frequently Asked Questions

Specialty Funeral Services

  • Veteran Services
  • Ash Scattering Services
  • Memorialization Services

We're so proud to be the chosen funeral home in by many. This section of our funeral home website will introduce you to our funeral home team, our facilities, our story and much more. We look forward to years of continued funeral service in and surrounding areas.

Our Valued Staff

Here's your chance to get to know the experienced funeral professionals who work so diligently to create meaningful funerals for the loved ones of families we serve.

What Makes Us Unique

We embrace traditional values, diversity, and innovation in honouring the spirit and life of each person we serve. Learn the ways our funeral firm rises above the commonplace in this section of our website.

Our Facilities

Designed with your comfort in mind, our location is warm and welcoming. But seeing is believing. This page includes a selection of facility images, our contact details, and driving directions.

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