Bangla Bazaar Edmonton, Alberta

Bangla Bazaar Edmonton, Alberta

Bangla Bazaar is a well known Indian Spice Shop in Edmonton, Alberta suitable for shopping of Indian, Sri Lankan and Fijian Groceries, Pulses, Cooking Oils and Seasonings.

We also specialise in Cosmetics, Papads, Gujarati Chapatti Wrap, Jeera Powder, Papdis and Garlic Naan Bread.

We also stock the following Indian brands: Top-op Jeera Khari, Pamers, Lotus, Shan Masalas and SpiceNTice.

Buy Indian Snacks such as Haldirams Khatta Meetha, Haldirams Mini Samosa, Top Op Small Sweet Makhana, Royal Nimkeen, Haldirams Mithi Sev, Royal Bombay Mix and Sesame Snaps in Chocolate (By Anglo Dal).

Buy all kind of rice such as Brown Basmati Rice, Thai Jasmine Rice and Thai Fragrant Rice.

Different types or flour: Wheat Flour, Juwar flour, Rice Flour, Maida Flour and Soya Flour.

Contact Details

  • Address: 9354 34 Ave NW Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5X8
  • Telephone: 780-988-2179

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