Pakistani Grocery Stores in Toronto Selling Halal Meat

List Of Pakistani/ Muslim Grocery Stores in Toronto, Ontario Selling Halal Meat Products Such as Halal Lamb, Chicken, Goat, Turkey, Veal, Duck, Fish, Shrimps and Beef.

Lahore Halal Meat Shop
Pakistani Supermarket Selling Groceries, Halal Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Duck, Veal, Goat, Shrimps, Fish, Milk and Dairy Products.
Contact Details and Location
Address: 2539 Finch Avenue West, Toronto, Ontario M9M 2G1
Telephone Number: 416-748-1818/ 416-469-0421

Khan Halal Meat & Grocers
551 Markham Road Toronto, Ontario

Iqbal Halal Foods Inc
We Sll Fish, Groceries, Poultry Items, Fresh Farm Eggs, Fresh Halal Chicken, Lamb, Beef, Veal, Goat, Desi Bakra, Desi Murga and Duck.
51 Esandar Drive, Toronto, Ontario M4G 4C5

Amin Grocery and Halal Meat
We Stock All Kind Of Indian, Afghani and Somalian Groceries, Halal Meat Products and Afghani Movie DVD’S.
235 Dixon Road Unit 6 Toronto, Ontario M9W 2M5

Brothers Halal Meat & Grocers
Muslim Grocery Store and Halal Meat Shop For Buying All Kind Of Halal Meat, Goat, Dei Bakra, Murga and Lamb.
Address: 1469 Gerrard Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4L2A1
Telephone Number: 416  461 7343

Salaama Halal Meat & Groceries
1987 Kipling Ave Toronto, Ontario M9W 4J4

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